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My father was Harold Richard Hitchcock (Hitch).  He passed away on 23 Jul 1982.   I am doing research into my father's military history.  I recently received a copy of his records from the National Personnel Records Center.  It shows that he served on the USS Macon (CA-132).   Unfortunately, none of the records show a date or time of his service on that vessel.  I know that the ship was commissioned on Aug 1945. 

My father received his commissioned as an Ensign on 21 Dec 1945 at Pensacola, FL.  I also know he became a Naval Aviator.  I don't have the dates he finished flight school, but I'm assuming he served on the Macon after he received his wings.

My father had told us a story of the time he  "flew" into the back of his ship.  He said only two planes were on the ship and they would be placed into the water, by crane, to take off and then they would land in the water and taxi over to the crane to be lifted back up.  I can only guess as to the circumstances, but my guess is that he taxied up to the ship and hit it.  He did not mention the ship's name, but from the research I've done, the Macon fits the circumstances about a plane being onboard the ship.

I am looking for anyone who might know of the incident or knew my father.  If I can find out about the incident, I might be able to get a year that he served aboard.  Any information you might have will be greatly appreciated.

Carol Hitchcock Caniglia

We welcome and would like to feature any photos and/or stories you have about your experience on the Macon CA-132.    If you have information to submit please contact:

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