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Memorial Day Tribute and Joseph Hamilton Bradshaw, Jr - Original Plank Owner Certificate

Hello Mr. Foley,

Being that is it Memorial Day weekend I was thinking of my Father and his service in the US Navy on the USS Macon. I saw a son of an original plank owner had gave you a document of an original Macon Shake Down letter. I thought you might like to post my Dad's Original Plank Owner's Certificate along side this document.

How many men are left that are original plank owner's? My father was, Joseph Hamilton Bradshaw, Jr, but was called "Little Joe" by our family and others. He passed away March 25, 1983. I would love if any of the fellow crew members remember my Dad and could tell me any stories about their service together on the USS Macon.

They could email me at, it would be such a blessing to hear from my Dad's fellow crew. I miss my hero still today!

God bless to all Veterans of the USS Macon and Happy Memorial Day.

Thanks for serving our country,

Lorraine Carr


Plank Certiificate




Main Membership Reunions Officers Store Photos History Roster